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Faqs & Questions

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Does sod cost more than hydro seed?

No. The initial cost may be some more but over the time it takes to establish a lawn from seed sod is less money especially when you consider the extra water, extra time, extra labor, more weed control ect.

Is sod a good investment

Yes. It’s the only way to go from bare soil to lush, green lawn in just hours. Yet its relatively inexpensive to use. In the few hours it takes to install your sod lawn, your property value increases significantly and even more in aesthetic value.

How do I figure how much sod I need?

We sell sod by the square foot. The easiest way to find square footage of your yard is to divide it up into smaller squares and rectangles and multiply the length by the width of each piece and add them all together. If your yard has a lot of angles and curves you may need to add 3-5%.

What is the measurement of each sod piece?

Our standard sod roll is cut 2ft wide and 5ft long providing 10 square ft of sod in each roll. Big rolls are cut 2ft wide and 125ft long providing 250 square ft in each roll. Sod weighs about 5lbs per square foot. This can vary depending on harvesting conditions and moisture content.

How do I install big rolls?

We rent a big roll installer to lift and roll out big rolls. Using big rolls is usually not productive unless your project us at least 10,000 - 15,000 square ft.

When can you install sod?

Normally sod is available mid-March to late November.

Is there a minimum order? Do I have to order a full pallet?

There is no minimum order for our sod you do not need to order by the pallet. Just figure your square footage and order only what you need.

How far in advance do I need to order my sod?

All orders are cut fresh to order. We do not have an inventory of cut sod. This ensures that you are getting the freshest sod possible. Orders less than 5,000 ft can usually be picked up or delivered within 24 hrs except weekends. We need at least two days notice for larger orders and weekends.

How long will sod last on the pallet?

It is best if sod is installed within 24 hrs after delivery. On hot summer days 12 hrs is better. If sod will be on the pallet longer, misting the outer rolls with a garden hose will help maintain moisture.

What type of prep do I need?

Sod will pretty much mirror the surface you lay it on. The surface should be debris free, no rocks, weeds, ect. The soil should be firm with about a ¼-½ inch of loose soil on the surface.

How often should I water the newly laid sod?

Depends on the time of year, how dry the soil was you installed the sod on, your soil type and many other factors. The thing to to remember is to get water on the sod as soon as it is installed and keep the ground moist at all times until the sod starts to root into the existing soil.

When should i fertilize?

We suggest a seed or sod starter fertilizer broadcast on the ground just before installation and then a regular lawn food in 6-8 weeks.

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