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Whether a landscaper, home-owner, golf course or commercial developer Teton Turf Farms can supply the quality sod and trees you need, when and where you need it.

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Rexburg Idaho Sod Supplier

Teton Turf & Sod

We are the premier sod grower and tree wholesaler in Southeastern Idaho serving customers from Big Sky Montana to the north, Pocatello Idaho to the south, Pinedale Wyoming to the east and Sun Valley Idaho to the west. Growing trees since 1990 and sod since 1996 we have the experience to supply a quality product that will hold up in our extreme climate conditions. We supply customers of all sizes from commercial landscapers, to golf courses, to the local individual Our sod is harvested in small rolls (2’X5’) or big rolls (4’X125’) depending on your needs.

  • Our 3D Turf is Darker Green, Denser, and Dwarfer (Less Mowing!)
  • We have the best Tree selection around!
  • Our Customer Service is unbeatable
  • We grow and deliver the finest product available
  • Call us today for your sod or trees!
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Why 3D Turf?

Why choose our sod...

Our Technologies

All of our products are of 3-D Sod quality which means that the overall appearance is superior to other sod products. Less fertilizer is needed to make it rich and green, less time is spent mowing, and it is a professional grade sod that can be for all uses whether you’re a commercial landscaper, a golf course, or just a local looking for some high quality sod. You may think what is 3-D sod? Well, the three D’s stand for Darker, Denser, and Dwarfer. Here’s a few points to keep Here’s a few points to keep in mind why we think our 3-Ds are important to anyone buying sod.

Darker: 3-D Sod has been specially designed to yield a naturally darker turf. Simply put, this means less fertilizing! You’ll be able to have the same rich green lawn you expect without the use of costly and sometimes harmful chemicals.

Denser: Aside from the aesthetic beauty of a thick lawn the new 3-D Sod’s improved density will help compete with weeds by actually squeezing them out! Plus, 3-D Sod will green-up quicker in the spring giving you the first green lawn on the block.

Dwarfer: Our 3-D Sod provides less vertical growth and a lower canopy height. It’s an attribute with a benefit that is terribly simple to understand... less mowing! Stop spending all weekend working on your lawn rather than just enjoying it.

The Power Of 3D Turf

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There's no doubt that there's a difference when you choose Teton Turf Rexburg & East Idaho's #1 choice for turf. Call us today to see, experience & feel & feel why everybody is talking about 3D Tuf.

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